Laura Bramblett
AMAZING! The best vegan food I have had in Ukiah( the surrounding area really) We had the jerk wings, fried plantains and I think it was called the Island burger. He also had gluten free bread! If you like real spiciness in your life the hot sauce is it!
Miles D.
Thus food is so authentic and different than most food in Ukiah. WOW. Friendly owner and staff, great music, vibes and the food is addictive. We have tried everything on the menu. Its all so good it's had to decide on what... so I get lots and have food all day.
Zoë Más
LOVE THIS PLACE! One of the few vegan places in Ukiah. Creative cuisine · Great food
Amanda Rosenberg
such yummy goodness, made with caring love!❤️❤️
Marley Muhlada
One of the best spots in Ukiah for vegan food! Fast and very fresh with friendly service.
Deona Hamby
Amazing food, wonderful service and great people. Great food